By requesting school collection / supervision on any day at Aussie Bodz Performing Arts I agree to the following terms and conditions: 
  •  If my child / my ward is ABSENT from school and therefore not needing to be collected, I will inform Aussie Bodz Performing Arts by mobile phone number 0422 516 608 at my soonest convenience. 
  • If my child / my ward does not arrive at the meeting place by 3.10pm Aussie Bodz Staff will contact both my child / my wards nominated emergency contacts via PHONE. 
  • If the nominated emergency contacts have not answered or responded by 3.15pm, Aussie Bodz will leave without them.
  • I understand that if my child / my ward requires collection and I do not notify Aussie Bodz Performing Arts (0422 516 608) by 2pm the day of the collection, Aussie Bodz Performing Arts will leave my child / my ward at the school office for parent collection. 
  • Aussie Bodz Performing Arts will take care in our collection procedures however Aussie Bodz Performing Arts takes no responsibility for students not being collected due to parents not responding to communication from our staff.
  • I will remind my child / my ward of the behaviour expected during collection / supervision by Aussie Bodz Performing Arts. 
  • I understand that whilst Aussie Bodz Performing Arts takes care during their collection / supervision processes there is a risk involved and I have considered the risks associated in the collection / supervision process and am releasing Aussie Bodz Performing Arts including staff from any liability or responsibility.
  • I understand that I as a Parent / guardian, am responsible for communicating with Aussie Bodz Performing Arts.