Coogee Dance Company Child Protection Policy


Coogee Dance Company has an obligation to ensure all children, teachers and volunteers are provided with the highest possible standard of care. Coogee Dance Company provides an enjoyable and safe environment to all students who dance with us. 


All children are protected at Coogee Dance Company from harm regardless of ability, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, race and any other form of identity. The Child Protection Policy at Coogee Dance Company protects all children under the age of 18 and young people in our care and applies to all staff, volunteers and cover teachers.


In order to protect all children in our care, Coogee Dance Company will: 

  • Give all students the right to have a voice and opinion taking in all feedback

  • Treat all children and their family members with respect at all times

  • Teach age appropriate dance routines and exercises at all times

  • Ensure all staff, volunteers and cover teachers have a current WWCC and are cleared for work

  • Take all cases of bullying very seriously directing to management or the child’s dance teacher

  • Share our child protection policy with staff, parents and students

  • Report suspected neglect, abuse or mistreatment of children to management or police

  • Ensure that all events Coogee Dance Company performs or competes at meets the standards for child protection and safe dance practice

  • Provide regular training, reminders and support to all staff

  • Not post photos of children on social media if contact has been made to Coogee Dance Company management in writing to advise “no photo permission” 


Coogee Dance Company teaching staff will: 

  • Use positive teaching methods and reinforcement when instructing the class

  • Be notified and informed of any children with medical needs in their care and appropriate course of action

  • Be punctual and reliable for students in their care

  • Be prepared for any unexpected medical emergencies that may arise in their care by ensuring they have First Aid and CPR certification.

  • Deliver each lesson professionally with a passion for dance

  • Complete weekly feedback which is provided to management on their lessons for accountability 

  • Help develop each student’s potential offering age appropriate guidance 

  • Attend regular training courses and teaching management courses to further their skills 

  • Never show control with negative teaching practice (e.g. reducing a child to tears) 

  • Never allow or engage in physical touching 

  • Never teach or allow inappropriate games or choreography 

  • Never fail to act on allegations made by a child, record the allegations and pass them onto the appropriate management or police


Coogee Dance Company provides: 

  • A safe and welcoming environment 

  • An open-minded attitude when it comes to employees, students and parents expressing matters regarding to health and safety

  • Ensuring all teaching staff obtain relevant certification for the classes they are delivering 

  • Record all incidents in Coogee Dance Company incident reporting app: Spotlight which is shared instantly to management 

  • Ensure appropriate space and changing areas for students 

  • Ensuring our student only bathrooms are only used by children 

  • Ensuring adults only use the disabled toilet at the main studio

  • Follow all Australian privacy and child protection laws.



            Coogee Dance Company reviews the child protection policy annually. 


This document was last updated 25th January, 2021